Showcases and Cupboards


Classic, innovative, fitted with lighting, the signature style of our designer display cabinets allows us to inject a touch of elegance into a total living concept.

Available with a structure in fused or curved glass, these display cabinets elegantly showcase our most cherished objects whilst lifting the room in which they are placed, like precious stones highlighting the glass workmanship resulting from the ongoing research into the material.


Guardians of memories and emotions, our designer cabinets add interest to the living room with textured surfaces that showcase the three-dimensional aspect of glass.

The numerous ways in which they can be used transforms cabinets with glass doors into an ornamental elements depending on the atmosphere. Consequently, we have produced a range with a variety of colours to add warm and cool tones to them, all capable of multiplying the light through refraction, thus enhancing their tactile feel.

all showcases and cupboards

  • showcase
  • cupboard
  • H ≥ 90 cm
  • L ≥ 100 cm
  • H < 90 cm
  • L < 100 cm
  • Pure glass
  • Textured glass

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