Being Fiam

The Challenge of the Matter

Glass is a magical and eternal material, steeped in a sense of sacredness. For over fifty years, FIAM has taken up the challenge of this material, turning it into the centrepiece of interior design.

Transforming glass into sheets to produce furnishing accessories, that could unleash its unlimited expressive power, seemed an impossible undertaking.

The Lateral Thinking of Glass

This is why FIAM Italia has always been the lateral thinking of glass. We view a material, that is commonly perceived to be solid and unchangeable, in its liquid and malleable state. In doing so, we have changed the concept of the material, shaping it to give it an unexpected three-dimensional aspect, made possible by in-house production processes that combine craftsmanship and technical innovation.

Research and Revolution

Over the years, exploration of the material has enabled us to overcome its characteristic transparency.

We have given it numerous colours, melted it to create new surfaces, tactile sensations which translate into innovative, surprising and thought-provoking collections.

And now, thanks to our experience, we can go beyond the single product. Our past, present and future are intertwined in a new vision of who we are.

We no longer “just” design objects.
We envisage settings that make bold statements, with atmospheres that can be interpreted through the dialogue between our glass and new materials that accentuate its presence.

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