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All the novelties 2024

FIAM Italia returns to the Salone del Mobile.Milano exclusively presenting many novelties for the fair attendees: nine brand new collections, new collaborations with international designers and important updates for some pieces from the current range.

Discover what’s new at FIAM Italia 2024:

9 appointments with designers

We are looking forward to meeting you at Hall 9 Stand C09 to show you a preview of the new 2024 products and meet the designers who have designed them. We will hear from them about the genesis and inspiration behind the projects.

16 Tuesday
  • 10:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM
  • 03:30 PM
17 Wednesday
  • 12:00 AM
  • 04:30 PM
18 Thursday
  • 10:30 AM
  • 02:30 PM
  • 04:30 PM
19 Friday
  • 10:00 AM

Discover the new products:


A slim and sober sofa joins FIAM Italia’s collection, taking inspiration from the sinuous and subtle curved glass elements produced by the company.

The idea is that of creating a slender, light sofa that could still give the impression of comfort.

The low, pitched armrest culminates in the back side with a tiny flip (similar to a quarter pipe in the skateboarding, or as a wave) so that the rear support for the cushions of the backrest gets higher, cosy and comfortable. The slim design feet confer lightness to the entire sofa.

The Condense collection is composed by single sofas and modular elements, chaise longue and pouf included.



Introducing a new star in the constellation of Echo by Marcel Wanders, designed for FIAM. The Echo collection, known for its captivating showcases, now welcomes a new member – a bed table that exudes elegance and charm. Crafted with the same attention to detail and innovative design that defines the Echo collection, this bed table is a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty.

With the iconic and elegant relief in the glass part, this piece is not just a bedside companion, but a work of art in its own right.

With a nod to the timeless allure of Echo, this bed table adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom setting.

Let it be a stylish companion to your dreams, a perfect addition to the Echo family.


Organic shapes with rounded edges set in a metal frame. The Halo coffee tables, designed for FIAM, are meant to interact with each other in a play of overlapping and transparency, enhancing the fluid, rounded silhouettes of the fused glass surface, reminiscent in tone of a precious stone. From being a cold and inflexible material, glass thus becomes a vibrant and malleable substance, in opposition to the four legs and supporting ring made of burnished brass, which accommodate and hold the table top, becoming the containing and characterizing element of the glass surface.

The collection, which will also be available in marble, is a direct expression of FIAM’s excellence in craftsmanship, in which the precision and roughness of metal meet the sensual softness of glass, as a drop of golden caramel reverberated in a dance of subtle transparencies, glints and refractions of light.

The curtain – in Italian, sipario – symbolically separates the real world from the world of imagination and creativity: when it opens, the wait is over, and the audience is enveloped in light and wonder. Inspired by the theatrical world, the Sipario lamp draws elements and emotions from the stage and transforms them into a functional object. A suspended transparent curtain becomes a lamp that emanates diffused light, creating an evocative theatrical effect. The curved glass recalls the rippling sway of fabric, thanks to the fine workmanship that has been a characteristic of FIAM’s three-dimensional glass manufacturing for decades.

The project designed by Gupica consists of a system of pendant lamps with glass modules of various sizes that can be combined in different ways to create vertical and horizontal compositions.


Stone is a side-table conceived not only to be placed next to the sofa but also to be used as an inserted armrest cover. We designed this element by enhancing the organic design of the tops, which precisely looks like the shape of natural stones. The juxtaposition of shapes, materials and finishes helps to characterize the product.

At the formal level, we worked on the idea of the monolithic top and stem leg: two elements that are aligned in the upper part such that the support surface is also offered by the leg itself. Top and leg thus go together in a single form, becoming part of a single whole. In terms of materials and finishes, we have suggested the color association between the back-painted fused glass top (black or brown) and the stained solid wood leg (black or Tobacco).
The metal base will be black, almost becoming the ground shadow of the coffee table itself.


In Japan, there is an interesting flower called the “Sankayou” Flower found in only a small number of mountainous areas. The petals of this flower become transparent only when exposed to dew in conditions of low temperature and high humidity, making them look like fine glasswork. The Tau pendant lamp’s design was inspired by the “Sankayou” Flower. The concept features transparent petals reimagined in a modern and simple shape. The three sheets of oval-shaped glass are processed to showcase a soft three-dimensional curve and are finished with an organic texture. They are assembled with a small space between them so that they do not overlap, further emphasising the delicateness of the design.

This pendant lamp utilises flat glass processing techniques by FIAM Italia which allows the glass plate to be freely bent into three-dimensional shapes.


Type is a collection of coffee tables, in three sizes, constructed like a writing and drawn like a language. It is a series of pictograms, three monotypes which can be composed into an infinity of logotypes.

These three tables can overlap to form new glyphs, new formal ex­pressions. With each use, a new formal language emerges.


A play of transparency and deepness that gives a strong sensation of vertigo!

There is a kind of contrast between the immateriality of glass and the consistency of wood, that perfectly accommodates the shape of the top.

This effect of translucency, slightly mitigated by bronze or smoked glass, gives to the Vertige table a remarkable perception of visual lightness.


In York, we aimed to explore the limits of curved glass. We worked on self-supporting folding forms, where the inherent shape provided rigidity to the structure. This led us to the ultimate form of York: a sleek glass side table.

Additionally, at the base, we combined it with a marble piece that stabilizes the entire ensemble.

Other novelties 2024

new finishes for Caadre

The bestseller mirror from FIAM Italia’s collection, signed by Philippe Starck, dresses up new colours.

The new metallic paints play with light and give to the refined curved glass frame a new elegant, contemporary aspect.

Three bright colours, Champagne, Greige, Vulcano, allowing the mirror to speak different languages and come into a perfect harmony with the most exclusive spaces.  

Echo, a new texture

Introducing a new chapter in the enchanting tale of Echo by Marcel Wanders. Vertical lines dance gracefully across the glass, a symphony of elegance and intrigue. Each line a whisper of sophistication, a brush stroke of modernity against the timeless backdrop of the Echo collection. These lines, like musical notes, create a harmonious composition and fluted pattern that plays with light and shadow, inviting you to discover new dimensions within the glass.

Echo Line – a visual symphony that adds a touch of rhythm and grace to the classic allure of Echo.

Let your eyes follow the lines, let your heart be captivated by their beauty. A new chapter, a new melody in the story of Echo.

The Shift collection expands

A collection of mirrors infringes the material rigidity of the frame.

Pieces of art, non-Euclidean geometries, sculptural blocks that emerge from the undefined material.

These are the mirrors that compose the Shift collection, that imposes itself as a group glass creations characterized by rigor and dynamism at the same time, maintaining compact and elastic features.

Today the Shift collection grows with the introduction of a new mirror model of considerable dimensions. An impressive portal that breaks the stiffness of the circular shape with plays of overlapping of different but complementary pieces of glass.

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