Emotional surfaces

A comprehensive and high-quality collection of glass tables to stylishly furnish the dining area. Visual appeal and functionality are merged in surfaces featuring a perfectly balanced combination of transparency and curved lines that succeed in reflecting the light and illuminating the entire room. 

The table tops, which can be configured in transparent, extra-light, bronzed and smoked glass, rest on curved glass supports, showcasing the expertise of the craftsmanship employed to work and innovate the material.

Tactile sensations

The uniqueness of our collection of designer tables is dictated by the exclusive textured surfaces which succeed in stunning the observer with their physical presence thanks to their three-dimensional aspect.

The aesthetic appeal generated by the tactile sensation of the fused glass tops is pleasing to the eye, through the combination of the metallic finishes available that fit seamlessly into any style of atmosphere.

A dialogue between materials

Glass is certainly a stand-out element in our collection of designer tables, but it also combines well with different woods and surfaces. 

Hence the introduction of multi-material tables, in which glass surfaces interact in an understated, well-balanced and elegant manner with wood and metal, taking centre stage in the living room, fulfilling a functional as well as a signature role.


Dining tables are must-have elements for injecting elegance into the living area to which they add a signature identity. Optimising space with customised tables allows us to further personalise the room and make it more comfortable.


We have developed our designer extendable tables with the awareness of how important flexible space management is becoming when selecting furniture solutions for the home. FIAM extendable tables combine elegant aesthetic appeal with all-round versatility and functionality.

the right SEAT

Unique tables deserve chairs with an equally distinctive design and aesthetic appeal. Hence the need to provide solutions that combine design and comfort, integrating natural and durable materials of the highest quality.

tutti i tavoli

  • fixed
  • extendable
  • rectangular
  • round
  • elliptical - oval
  • square
  • Pure glass
  • Textured glass

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