Fifty years of design history etched in the magic of glass.

FIAM 50th anniversary

To celebrate this important milestone, we have decided to retrace the fundamental steps in our history with a product that marked the start of Fiam’s collections and which, to this day, is still recognised as a symbol of elegance, simplicity and technical innovation. 

Onda Pouf stamped its mark on an era: a practical object, designed and produced by Vittorio Livi, on which to sit in front of bending ovens, has become an icon of Made in Italy design. 

A victory over common sentiment. People would sit on glass for the first time!

50 Onda Pouf

Fifty years later, Onda Pouf has once again been included in the Fiam collection with a re-edition in a limited production of fifty pieces, stamped with an indelible logo in pure gold, numbered and signed personally by its creator, Vittorio Livi. 

An authentic piece steeped in meaning, an icon from the past but intended to be a beacon for the future of the company and the technique linked to high-temperature glass processing.

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A school for

Proceeds from the sale of Onda Pouf will be allocated to the support of a reconstruction project of the elementary school and gymnasium in the Sforzacosta district of Macerata, one of the areas of central Italy that suffered the damages caused by the 2016 earthquakes most. An initiative supported and made possible by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the Mediolanum Foundation as well.

A school for

Villa Miralfiore Charity Dinner - Pesaro

June, 2023

Charity dinner by invitation

The fundraiser will be also nurtured by a charity dinner on invitation scheduled for June, 2023, in the magnificent Villa Miralfiore, in Pesaro. 

This occasion will be a further, tangible sign of the values that we bring together with our partners and of the concern for a territory that is still wounded and needs our help.

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you too

You too can actively champion the cause. 

Onda Pouf is available in a limited edition of 100 exclusive 1:5 scale miniatures. By purchasing Mini Onda Pouf you will help to support the construction of the Edcuational Hub in Macerata’s Sforzacosta neighborhood, a primary school for children aged 0-6 that is destined to become a real center of regeneration of the social and urban fabric, offering new learning opportunities for all, students and families alike.

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The cost of the Onda Pouf Mini is €250 (excluding VAT), 30% of which is set to cover costs for its production. The remaining part is dedicated to the fundraising for the project "A school for Sforzacosta-Macerata".

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