Sofas and armchairs

the curved glass armchair

Ghost means shadow, trace, appearance, spirit, soul. Only glass is able to transform this abstract concept into physical object. Operating this transformation was
the challenge won by Cini Boeri and her collaborator Tomu Katajanagi when they decided to give glass the shape of an armchair, i.e. a container that would not contain liquids, but human bodies. 

Forged by the technical and aesthetic skill of Vittorio Livi, Ghost was born, the glass armchair that, presented
for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair of 1987, was immediately awarded in a contest of the magazine ‘Interni’, which invited the visitors to choose the most innovative product.

Compasso d'Oro career award 2022

“I would never have thought of making a chair from glass… My initial distrust of an idea which seemed quite unrealistic was overcome by the desire to take up the challenge and see whether it could actually be made, whether Fiam would be clever enough to transform the concept into reality. ”

Cini Boeri


the sofa

Fixed or modular sofa with multilayered internal structure. Seat sprung with elastic straps. Seat cushion padding in polyurethane density 35Kg/m3 and Memory; back cushion padding in goose and duck down, washed and sterilized. 

The structure is raised from the floor by linear elements in black multilayer. The sofa can be upholstered in leather or fabric, please refer to the upholstery categories shown on various articles. 

The decorative band on the base and the “tray” element are always covered in Silky leather (cat.PL-2). Structure, seat cushions and backrest cushions are removable in fabric versions only.

tutti i divani e le poltrone


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