Studio Klass

The collaboration between FIAM and Studio Klass has led to the creation of many pieces of furniture in glass: Magique coffee tables, Magique Totem display cabinet, Plié collection, Lakes coffee tables and Flaminio dining table.

Studio Klass is a design and consulting practice based in Milano.

Established in 2009 by Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini with an emphasis on industrial and furniture design, the studio involves an ongoing engagement with contemporary culture, new technologies and arts driving innovation.

The studio approach understands complexity as a means to value creation, achieved through the exploration of variety and diversity. Working across media and combining years of experience, Studio Klass provides client-specific solutions.

Over the years, the studio has partnered with some of the most regarded companies in design panorama, earning prestigious awards among which the German Design Award, Red Dot Award, IF Design Award and Adi Design Index.

In 2019 the studio started a collaboration with UniFor designing Touch Down Unit, a new typology of workstation. Since 2020, Studio Klass has been the art director for UniFor and Citterio.

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Giacomo Mornico
Irene Sartor
Marco Tonet
Nicola Carpene
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