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A prestigious workstation

Curved glass desks, designer conference tables, glass bookcases and storage systems: a range of extremely useful and innovative solutions, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and efficiency, to furnish elegant home office spaces. 

The functional accessories such as drawer units and glass shelves combine lightness and transparency with organisational requirements – even work and study areas need beauty to be productive.

Glass desks

Curved glass desks are an excellent solution in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality when furnishing home office spaces without foregoing style. 

The curved glass desk fits discreetly and elegantly into the room, transforming a corner of the living room, bedroom or practical area into a home office. 

Glass subtly fulfils its role as a silent protagonist, introducing elegance and functionality without focusing on visual volume and size.

Drawer units

Even the most functional elements, such as curved glass drawer units, the quintessential storage containers in the home office, can help to lift the visual impact of a workspace in the home whilst also coordinating visually with the glass desk.


Conference tables are the undisputed stars of meeting rooms. A place where a lot of time is spent working and giving presentations and which, therefore, deserves a functional support and work top that, on the one hand, makes work easier and, on the other, fulfils an aesthetic role. Glass conference tables offer all this – functionality, elegance, style, comfort – all to achieve a satisfying user experience.

Curved glass shelves

The allure of curved glass shelves lies in the apparent contrast of the seemingly weightless volume of the glass top, that supports very noticeable weights.

 Nowhere more than in the case of glass shelves, do container and content give rise to a play on contrasts that stimulates and intrigues, contradicts common sense, yet adds functionality and elegance to both the office environment and the living room, in general.

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