Studio Klass

Cupboard with “Lava Grey” lacquered wood structure, doors in 6 mm curved extralight acid-etched glass, back-lacquered with special finish, textured effect. Top in 10 mm back-lacquered extralight glass.


Cloudy Brown back-painted acid-etched extralight glass doors, Brown-Grey back-painted extralight glass top.

Studio Klass

Studio Klass

The idea for Plana was to use the curved glass technology to get a moderate product, not intrusive in the space.

The curved glass was projected to place the doors’ hinge in the lateral area of the cupboard, so that the front side, the most visible part, remains unchanged.

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Technical info

Back-painted extralight etched glass doors
  • Burnished brass
  • Cloudy brown
  • Glazed lead
Extralight back-painted glass top
  • Olive Grey
  • Grey-brown
  • Storm Grey
non-standard finishes on request:
  • white
  • Black
  • RAL on request
Cupboard dimensions

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