Vittorio Livi, the idea

Always be inquisitive.
Be passionate.

Never stop at appearances.
Have the ability to look beyond.

So it was from an intuition, from a challenge, from a love for an incredible material that everything came about.

A material that dates back to the dawn of time.
It comes from the earth even though it is transparent.
Is it fragile?
Or so strong that it protects us from the elements?
Is it intangible?
Or so precious that we can look beyond, to infinity?

1973, FIAM Italia is founded

When a series of events led me to work with this material, glass was nothing more than a sheet. Its uses were limited, not just because of technological issues but also because of misgivings that people had about it, because it was perceived as cold and sterile. Something that had to “merely” fulfil a purpose.

I was working in a glass factory at the time, and in part because of my temperament, in part because of my artistic studies, which I was already trying to combine with functional needs, I instinctively wondered whether it would be possible to make a seat made entirely of glass. What a novel idea… someone sitting on a sheet of curved glass!

That’s how “Onda Pouf” came about – from a highly unconventional intuition.

In 1973, I launched the first range of products for FIAM made entirely of curved glass.

My challenge took shape, namely to persuade the public that this material was “worthy” of becoming part of everyday furniture. To do this, I would have to change the conventional view and succeed in making people perceive the beauty, versatility, uniqueness and poetry of the material.

And that’s what I did. Year after year, FIAM grew and evolved by believing in glass and continuing to explore it. Our appetite for research has been fuelled by many contributions over the years. By artists, designers and professionals.

Today, we have gone beyond transparency and surpassed the conventionally accepted idea of glass by making our glass unique through fusion.

And this is how we will continue to look beyond.


the first single-block table
Vittorio Livi embarks on a revolutionary project: Ragno, the first table produced from a single sheet of glass.


FIAM at Centrodomus in Milan
Vittorio Livi and Alessandro Mendini present the FIAM Collection at Centrodomus in Milan.


Vittorio Livi receives the honorary ‘City of New York’ award from Mayor Edward Koch.


Compasso d'Oro Career Award
Established in 1954 by Gio Ponti for “la Rinascente” the Compasso d’oro award from 1964 is managed by ADI that nowadays represents the highest expression of the European design. In the three-yearly editions are assigned twenty Compasso d’oro award, and the committee shall assign a Compasso d’Oro Career Award to a maximum of nine personalities, in order to the high expression of quality and design.
Fiam Italia has been awarded in 2001 with Ferrari Auto and Abet Laminati, and has been the 14th company to be awarded. Passion, design, research together with the culture of glass are the founding values of the company now and in the future.


The Crucifix of Pesaro
Vittorio Livi and Giuliano Vangi create the Crucifix of Pesaro, a glass sculpture presented to Pope Benedict XVI.


“Gesù, Energia del Mondo” and Expo 2015
Vittorio Livi creates the sculpture “Gesù Energia del Mondo” (Jesus, the Energy of Life) presented to Pope Francis. In the same year, FIAM is selected to represent the Brands of the World at Expo 2015.


Leonardo Italian Quality Award
The Leonard Committee present FIAM with the Quality Award 2015.
Compasso d'oro career award for the Ghost armchair

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