Responsible by nature

Glass is nature. 

It consists mainly of sand and lime. It is aseptic, non-toxic and does not release any harmful substances. Glass is eternal and can be recycled without waste ad infinitum. FIAM Italia has always contributed to the enhancement of this material, not only from a technical and aesthetic point of view, but by elevating it from an accessory to a design centrepiece through the development of in-house manufacturing processes that fully respect the environment.

Our sustainable approach, however, is not limited to enhancing a material whose intrinsic qualities wholly embrace the principles of circular economy. Continuous research into the material leads us to the daily discovery of new horizons, thus expanding the ways in which it can be used.


It was continuous experimentation such as this that resulted in the invention of DV-GLASS® in 2018, a patent that has enabled us to achieve hitherto unprecedented glass thicknesses in the furniture industry by recycling 95% of the off-cuts into the supply chain, effectively optimising all the stages of the production process.

More specifically, the sustainability of the project is demonstrated by the recovery of glass off-cuts resulting from the shaping of the float sheet, which are then placed side by side to be finally melted at high temperatures until a new sheet is obtained whose thickness is determined by the height of the initial strips.

Technical innovation combined with a high level of artisan expertise is the secret that lies behind each one of our collections. Our expertise is also the product of the cultural heritage of our region, Le Marche, historically devoted to the values of creativity and manual sensibility.

Protecting and add value to the local area is a responsibility that we have no intention of shirking.

This is why we have often sponsored initiatives in support of local communities, as in the case of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the creation of the iconic armchair Ghost designed by Cini Boeri in 2017. On this occasion, a charity event was organised involving the designers of our collections at the time, who were asked to give free reign to their creativity through an artistic exercise involving the customisation of a number of scale models of Ghost, which would be sold at the Salone del Mobile trade fair in Milan.
The takings, together with the proceeds of the Charity Dinner held at Villa Miralfiore, were donated to the Francesca Rava Foundation and Mediolanum Non-profit Foundation to fund reconstruction in the towns devastated by the earthquake that struck the regions of Marche, Lazio and Umbria in 2016.

An initiative that culminated in the rebuilding of the Beato Simone Fidati secondary school in Cascia, which is a reminder of the determination never to give up in the face of adversity, but rather to start again and strive to continue growing.           

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