Pesaro 2024 Italian Capital of Culture, a journey to discover the rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage that forges the identity of a social fabric that is strongly connected to its the environment.

The nature of culture is the leitmotif of the set of initiatives aimed at exploring the interactions between art, nature and technology, themes that FIAM has been able to embrace in repurposing the legacy the territory with its collections, an expression of the encounter between technical innovation and craftsmanship.

Pesaro 2024 | Italian Capital of Culture

Indeed, nature and culture are both pivotal aspects of the company’s mission, which is expressed in the “Culture of Glass” formula and in the exaltation of the intrinsic and unexpressed qualities of a material that is as precious as it is important for the future of the humankind.

Art represents the force that has always animated Vittorio Livi‘s ardor in the pursuit of beauty. It is no surprise to find some of FIAM’s most iconic pieces in the most prestigious museums all over the world, as well as in Spazio Miralfiore, the museum of glass inside Villa Miralfiore, right in the heart of Pesaro.

Ricardo Aleador Venturi

On the occasion of Pesaro 2024 Italian Capital of Culture, FIAM’s ethical footprint translates into the support of a series of philanthropic initiatives, including the project “What’s Behind the Cliff?” by the artist Ricardo Aleodor Venturi, focused on issues of eco-sustainability and recycling practices.

An inclusive proposal that directly involves the local community and the students of the Oliveri-Brancati Secondary School, who took part in the entire process of creating an exhibition: from the realization of works through lectures and workshops, to the setting up of the exhibition, from the dialectical presentation of the works to the design of souvenirs for the bookshop of the School-Museum.

Among the installations created, which are the result of the students’ personal work entered into dialogue with Ricardo Aleodor Venturi’s artistic research, the work entitled “I Regoli” stands out, a series of displays made from FIAM’s glass, iconic stained glass and metal volumes that serve as podiums and backdrops to unique works created directly by the students.

Il Belcanto Ritrovato

Art is also music, and Pesaro is the “City of Music” for being the birthplace of the famous composer Gioachino Rossini.

In fact, in 2017 UNESCO awarded Pesaro the status of Creative City for Music because of its commitment to the dissemination, promotion and revival of Rossini’s music. This was also the golden age of Belcanto.

That’s why FIAM is proud to support “Il Belcanto ritrovato,” the festival that aims to rediscover the priceless heritage of Rossini-era unjustly forgotten composers of the Rossini era through the recovery of musical materials, operatic performances, symphonic opera concerts and lectures in the most evocative places in the “region of a hundred theaters”: the Marche region.

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