The right chair

FIAM’s designer chairs are the result of the passion and ambition to furnish rooms in their entirety, allowing all the elements to interact seamlessly and trigger emotions.

Here, then, are designer chairs that effortlessly combine comfort and elegance, functionality and aesthetic appeal to complement the high-quality glass and multi-material tables.

Comfort at table

The dining room, according to FIAM, should include statement chairs that express quality, comfort and a touch of drama.

The dining chairs are designed not only with soft, welcoming lines, but also include the use of top-quality materials and fine craftsmanship, such as open-pore wood, leather and nubuck which create a welcoming sense of warmth and pleasant tactile sensations.

Simple elegance

The sinuous, soft lines featured in FIAM’s dining room and designer chairs exude a sense of welcome, care for the guest and attention to detail.

The chairs, which feature more modern and contemporary lines in their iconic simplicity, grace the dining room with their elegance.

The dining room chairs, enhanced by armrests of various elegant shapes, ensure total comfort.


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