Dialoguing with

Designer mirrors, the undisputed stars of contemporary living, seek a natural dialogue with the setting in which they are placed, through material surfaces that confer a continuity of evocative meaning to the space.

The mirror is thus elevated to take centre stage in the décor through its variations of colours and sizes that are well suited to any atmosphere.

A sculptural presence

From the study to the project, from the design to the work, fused glass designer mirrors reveal the artistic flair of their creators, individuals who do not imagine mere products but true works of art, endowing the material with the capacity to amaze through unprecedented forms.

Glass is finely modelled in them and takes on sculptural shapes that multiply the reflections, linking them to the surrounding surfaces.

The space of dream

Few furnishing accessories encapsulate symbolic meanings like the mirror. The mere presence of this object in a room sparks a series of glimpses in which reality and imagination are mingled.

The mirror dilates space by revealing the unseen and becomes the place where the real subject encounters its reflected image, looking out into an unknown dimension.



Amplifiers of space, surfaces with the ability to open the doors onto imaginary worlds, our free-standing designer mirrors stamp their mark on the home with a sculptural presence.

From the hallway to the bedrooms, via the bathroom and living room, our versatile free-standing mirrors are available in numerous colour variations allowing them to adapt to any style requirements and lifting any setting according to their placement.



The comprehensive range of designer wall mirrors showcases the innovative glass-melting techniques developed in-house by Fiam.

Decorative patterns in fused glass act as a frame for flat mirrors in a play on reflections where reality and illusion intersect and pursue one another.

Shaped, square, rectangular and round mirrors share an elegant charm that fits seamlessly into any home.

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