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The Pure style has a minimalist spirit. 

It represents the substance of glass as everyone knows it. Transparent and crystalline, it shows reflections that rationalise the geometric shapes. The space becomes open, with neat lines and minimal language.
The light is bright and the profiles are clear.
In an environment characterised by an ethereal atmosphere, each object has clean depths and shadows do not know where to rest.


Here is the traditional glass, with its crystalline transparence that generates, through an interplay of lights and shadows, a force which is hard to imagine from a decontextualized glass sheet.

And this lightness of glass shapes the Pure Mood, a style that tells us about a space where the material is distinguished by its incorporeal nature, by its primordial essence. An ethereal state that is emphasized and toned down through the use of marbles and metals.



The Incisive Modern style has a bourgeois character. 

The tones are determined and the glass abandons the traditional transparency to become a solid and opaque material with new techniques applied to the fusions. The elements in the space are strong presences that acquire a necessary formality. The relationship between the heterogeneous textured surfaces in a continuous exchange offers aesthetic moments that create an atmosphere of depth and suspension.


The Soft Modern style has a bourgeois and suave personality. 

The delicate tones give the environment a comfortable flavour and the atmosphere acquires a reassuring quality, like an informal and cosy refuge. The light is warm and the shadows blend with the surfaces, reverberating textured and organic reflections. The space is resolved in a set of new textures that highlight and communicate with each other, evoking warm sensory sensations.



Softness, in addition to the strong, bold colours of the living and dining room furniture.

This is the Incisive Sophisticated Mood, a blend of transparent and non-transparent materials in which fused glass adds a sense of delicacy despite the colour variations.
It is a style that uses its sophistication on pleasant contrasts created by the encounter between cold colours which grace the soft and elegant shapes of fused glass.


The Sophisticated style has a decorative soul interpreted with simplicity. 

Its ornamental and textured lines create an elegant and engaging yet never excessive environment. The atmosphere is delicately dense and each angle is touched by soft tones that chromatically warm up the surfaces and attract the tactile senses while stimulating the visual ones. The light is bright and casts soft shades that blend the elements in a perfect balance.

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