Fabio Di Bartolomei

One the most fruitful partnerships for FIAM is the one with Fabio Di Bartolomei, the designer of several FIAM products: Epsylon table , Brigitte chair, Admiral mirror in curved glass and the pieces of furniture in glass Elix and Homo Sapiens.

Fabio di Bartolomei was born in Udine and started here in 1979 the Di Bartolomei Design Studio, working mainly in the field of architecture and interior design, projecting buildings and pieces of furniture both public and private.

Soon after he started partnerships of industrial design with some of the most important Italian companies in the furniture and lightning sector, such as: FIAM, Tonon, Bieffeplast, Montina, Calligaris and Skipper.

Di Bartolomei has exhibited his creations in several design exhibitions in Italy and abroad and in 1996 he was awarded with the “Marcello d’ Olivo” award for design.

FIAM and Di Bartolomei, a 20-year partnership for the design of pieces of furniture made of glass

The collaboration with Fiam started in 1992 to design a collection of 5 multifunctional pieces of furniture. Among these, in 1995 the Tango coffee table received an important accolade from the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has been included in the “Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design” exhibition due to its unusual combination of technology and design

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