Inauguration of the Sforzacosta Children’s Pole

It is ready

The new ZeroSei Children’s Pole in Sforzacosta, Macerata, is ready to host 70 kids and girls aged from 0 to 6, who will attend the Educational Hub – built in 150 days only – from next January on.

The Center, that covers a surface of 600 square meters., is the first of the two lots of the “ABF Educational Hub 0-11” and represents the fifth intervention carried out in the earthquake area by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, thanks to a close collaboration between the public and private actors.

FIAM Italia also had the honor of contributing to this project, which represents a true re-birth for Sforzacosta and its entire community.

Indeed, thanks to the Charity Dinner organized in June in Villa Miralfiore, FIAM was able to raise more than 80,000 euros in funds that, together with the contributions of other donors, have resulted into new classrooms, laboratory environments, a library and a dining hall for the little guests of the educational center.

Technicians and pedagogists from the ABF Multidisciplinary Team have designed specialized classrooms and workshop environments such as the reception area, meant to be not just a mere  communicative space between families, teachers and educators, girls and children, but also a music laboratory equipped with a piano located in the center of the room and a large bookcase in which the instrumentarium is arranged.

To encourage the kids to discover and increase their curiosity through the use of all the senses, a large multipurpose space was also designed, featuring the smell and taste workshop and the library.

A great challange and a great dream have been fulfilled thanks to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and a wide network of partners and donors who teamed up, involving not only FIAM but also the KPMG foundation, the Mediolanum Foundation and many other subjects who, in various capacities, contributed to the realization of this first important step of the feat.

The ultimate goal is even bigger indeed, because after the reconstruction of the ZeroSei Pole, damaged by the 2016 earthquake, the ABF has also planned the redevelopment of the existing school hub, which is destined to become a connecting point between the children and the population of the area, in the spirit of urban regeneration.

Mr. Daniele Livi, CEO of FIAM Italia, is unfazed by the ambition of the project, and continues to express the company’s support instead: “There is still so much to do and together we can do it, that is why we organized, with the valuable support of our partners, a special evening last June to help one of the neighborhoods hurt by the earthquake, like we did in 2017 with the reconstruction of a middle school in Cascia.”

The proceeds raised were entirely donated to help rebuild the ZeroSei Center as well as the upcoming redevelopment of Lot B of the ABF Educational Hub in Sforzacosta, Macerata, to allow children to resume their studies in a suitable facility.

Protection and enhancement of the territory have always been partiularly dear  to FIAM Italia, which has always translated these commitments into the implementation of social initiatives in support of local communities.

Responsible, by nature.