Being FIAM: 50 Years of Culture of Glass

Challenging the Nature of Glass.

Considering a material, traditionally perceived as solid and unchangeable, malleable.

Changing the paradigm of the material, shaping and transforming it, thanks to internal manufacturing processes combining craftsmanship and technical innovation.

This is FIAM.

Da FIAM has been exploring an ancient material for 50 years. Produced from the ground, thanks to silicon and carbonates, glass is transparent like the sky. A transparency which is just one of its many conditions, which hides a huge expressive potential daily explored by FIAM’s know-how.

Everything starts from the bending, the process which, through the creation of the Onda Pouf, has allowed FIAM to stand out, thanks to the ability of modeling the sheets to create the shape required. Then comes the fusion, which thermically distorts the sheet glass to impress the desired pattern on it.

Among the possible techniques, we count also the silvering, which gives glass the magic of reflection: liquid metallic silver that reflects the sunlight. Or the sculpting, a word which seems impossible to associate to glass, but that actually reaches its most spectacular expression in FIAM thanks to the expertise and craftsmanship of the glass masters, who, splinter after splinter, carve the glass drawing the outline like real artists.

In short, the essential value of manual skills together with the high technical ability of workers: numerical control craftsmen.

But there is much more embodied in every object, and it goes beyond expertise and know-how. That is because FIAM products, whether mirrors, tables, showcases or bookshelves, are not just the result of perfect manufacturing.

They are also, and more importantly, amazement, emotion and wonder. Objects that become subjects and talk to people who observe and use them.

Real pieces of art that are not an end in themselves, but interact with one another in their settings.

Here comes another revolution of FIAM Italia.

Since 2018 the core of the company has been expanding, doing justice to the acronym in its name: Fabbrica Italiana Arredamenti Moderni (Italian factory of modern furniture). 

The culture of glass which, like Vittorio Livi, the founder, said ”isn’t limited to the manufacturing of accessories, but of complete dining and living furnishing, where glass is celebrated like a precious material, also combined with other natural materials, significantly marking the distinguishing feature of the company”.


Attention is now paid not only to the “objects” but also to their settings. Hence FIAM’s Mood project, environments strongly characterized with style and atmospheres, where glass communicates with new materials, intensifying each other. Pure, Modern and Sophisticated: three different moods, each with two possible variables, Soft and Incisive, to cover three different zones of taste and aesthetic.



The culture of glass is looking to the future.

An ongoing magic for 50 years.

This is Fiam. Incredibly glass.