Massimo Iosa Ghini

Massimo Iosa Ghini has designed for FIAM Genio coffee table in curved glass and Dorian mirror with frame in fused glass.

Ghini was born in Bologna in 1959 and studied architecture in Florence in the effervescent climate of Radical Design and then in Milan where he obtained his degree in Architecture.

In 1985 he became consultant for the Italian state broadcaster RAI, designing objects and logos.

In 1987 he designed his first collection, Dinamic, based on the formal use of the Curve as controllable element, with the aid of electronic production control systems. Dinamic won important marks of approval, especially in the USA.

In 1988 he designed the Bolidò discotheque in New York. In the same year, he was contacted by the Centre Pompidou in Paris to design an installation to be placed in the square in front of the Beaubourg. In 1989 he held his first overall exhibition of graphic works and objects at the Inspiration Gallery at the Axis Center in Tokyo.

Partnerships and accolades

Over the years Massimo Iosa Ghini has developed projects for important international groups such as Ferrari, CMC Group Miami, IBM Italia, Capital Group, Alitalia and Seat Pagine Gialle.

His architecture and design projects have received important accolades such as the one for the Compasso D’oro, and many awards such as the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Award, the IF Product Design Award, The Roscoe Award, the IAI AWARD Green Design Global Award and the IAI Awards.

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