Fiam Italia presents Mood

Imagine the glass of the future. Ancient, ancestral material, made of silicon and carbonates, generated by the earth, which has taken the appearance of the sky over centuries of transformation. We decided not to stop, we explored the material, we realized that transparency is only a condition, bearer of many other traits. We did not abandon it; we understood its depth. The material becomes matter again, to be reconsidered in all its expressive potential. It is no longer just glass, but a vitreous substance that calls upon the beyond to appear.

Today we design spaces, an idea of home, with elements that use language to converse with our bodies. The accessories come together; the furniture reveals our attention to space. The atmosphere condenses and can speak with everyone, either with a strong and firm tone or a soft and whispering one, translating into three styles: Pure, Modern, Sophisticated.

The official presentation of Mood will take place on 6 September 2021 at the Mariani Design’s showroom in via Uberto Visconti di Modrone 8 in Milan at 11 am and will be broadcast live on our Facebook page @fiamitalia. On this occasion, our CEO, Daniele Livi, and our artistic coordinator, Adele Martelli, will reveal the secrets of the new atmospheres and environments by Fiam Italia. A Mood Ambiance will be exhibited at Milan in Mariani Design’s Showroom from 4 to 10 September.

Click here to download the Moodbook21 catalog.

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