FIAM Italia between Fashion and Design

fiam italia hosts the emerging fashion brand maxime to shoot the look book for london fashion week

FIAM loves playing with glass and emphasizing the main features of the matter by gifting it with an exclusive, revolutionary touch.

MAXIME was among those who got it the right way: the emerging French menswear brand, in fact, decided to shoot the look book of his Edition 2 to be officially launched at London Fashion Week just inside our production plant located in Tavullia.

To inspire Maxime Fruit, young founder of the maison, was hence the double nature of FIAM’s atmospheres, both technological and artisanal, the core place where glass takes its artistic shape becoming an incredible design element.

An additional proof of how deep the common roots between Interior Design and Fashion are, even more enhanced by the inclusive character of their bond that glorifies timeless beauty and style.

Sustainability is a further thing in common between the two worlds: to foster responsible production processes aimed to recycle materials is the distinctive feature of both FIAM Italia’s production and MAXIME’s collections.

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