The dining area of our new Soft Pure Mood

Our new Soft Pure Mood can be proposed in the dining area as well. Adele Martelli, our art director, tells us something about the products that characterize this ambience and the sensations felt while breathing its atmosphere.

soft pure, dining

How is the Soft Pure Mood defined in the dining area?

The taste of rationality and logic is certainly transferred through the formal cleanliness of the furniture that define this space.

In this Mood, the geometry of transparent glass is diluted by strokes of soft colours of the furnishing itself.

A clear example of this apparent oxymoron is expressed by the Inori bookcase, on whose extralight shelves lean bronze curved glass uprights that confer a great harmony to the product.

Callas_Puro Morbido_SdM2023
Dett._Cristaline_Puro Morbido_SdM2023
What is the surface of the dining table defining this ambience characterized by?

The purity and rationality of its forms are undoubtedly a distinguishing feature. Just think about the Cristaline dining table by Marcel Wanders

This was presented last year in a sophisticated guise, with a precious and patterned fused glass top.

This year, the Pure setting leads us to propose it in a totally different look indeed. Thanks to its smooth extralight glass top we can appreciate the structure of the lower base in Opaque Titanium finsh, marked by an architectural taste that is particularly refined and suitable for this style of ambience.

Transparency. Formal cleanliness. Touches of soft colors.

What are the optical, tactile, sensorial suggestions that the Soft Pure Mood aims to evoke through the dining setting?

Actually, the sensations may be apparently contrasting. We speak about rigor while associating this concept to the idea of warmth.

The Soft Pure Mood has in itself the dualism that arises from the encounter between the rationality of an ambience marked by pure forms and the sensation of cosiness conveyed by the color and softness of the fusions that inhabit it.

Arik Levi‘s Silica mirror, for instance, undoubtedly sums up these sensations while acting as a backdrop for the Cristaline table.

This mirror becomes an iconic element that, playing with taut, geometric lines in contrast to the gentleness and plasticity of the casting, dresses the space with a refined rationality.

In its constant interaction between environment, elements and people what does the Soft Pure dining communicate?

This area tells of respect. We find ourselves in an elegant environment that does not flaunt. We find ourselves in a space that does not “shout”.

In which each product, although characterized by its own identity, has such a great refinement and balance that enables it to blend with the others in great harmony .

In the Italian tradition , the dining area is typically the centrepiece of the home. What nuances of made in Italy can be found in this reinterpretation of dining by Fiam?

We love conviviality. And we like to experience it in a home environment that represents us and that is always refined and welcoming.

This new dining proposal, through its sobriety, becomes the place where each object lives delicately and a refined companion with which to share the beauty of being together with one’s family and friends.