Happy Birthday FIAM!

Just like the sun rising from the East, so do the celebrations for FIAM 50th anniversary.

They had been announced in June, during the Charity Dinner in support of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, and all the events planned in different parts of the world started in Septmber to celebrate this important achievement, beginning from the Asian continent.

The first traveling events took place in fact in the Arab Emirates and in Kuwait, in the showrooms of two prestigious resellers of the company.

Celebrations in Dubai took place just in the centre of the city design district, in Finasi‘s concept store, where Fiam products find significant reflection and stand out, living together with the best brands of the Italian design.

In Kuwait, the location was Mena Casa‘s showroom, located in the Creative Design Center in the coastal district of Kuwait City, a place hosting the excellence of international design.

The showrooms, appointed as Ambassador 50 by FIAM Italia, launched the traveling events for the important milestone of the 50 years of activity, dedicating a lot of space in their showrooms to the products of the company, placed in the new Moods, environments of different atmospheres where FIAM products talk to each other, decorating the setting with different emotions and sensations.

For the occasion, Vittorio Livi, the company founder, sent all the resellers a message containing the most salient points which marked FIAM’s path for half a century. Here an extract of his statement.

‹‹FIAM was founded in 1973, from the joint experience of four glass factories, with different specializations, giving itself a very precise mission, “the design in curved glass”. This experimentation started in 1968, with the iconic first monolithic seat made entirely of curved glass named “Onda Pouf”. Thanks to this technology we were able to develop more and more enterprising products, both in terms of technique and design.

The company decided to never set limits to the designers, overcoming the difficulties through company research. This has always been an essential plus for FIAM.

Soon FIAM became an open atelier for all the designers who want to challenge this material, considered back then a little magic and mysterious. Hence the collaborations with the most representative designers who marked the history of the design of our time began.

All these experiences have led the company to evolve technologically as well, developing and manufacturing new techniques and machinery; today, with our ovens built within our workshops, we constitute the 7th generation.

After more than 30 years, as times and trends change, we feel the need to go beyond the specialization of curved glass, to avoid the risk of remaining static, both technically and commercially.

Hence our new mission: FIAM, “the culture of glass”, introducing in our projects new natural materials, like wood, metals, marbles and others.

We start to experiment the fusion of the sheet glass at high temperature. The new derived manufacturing processes allow us to change the paradigm of glass, subverting the traditional idea of this material, ever since its ancient origins.

Realizing tridimensional and high-tick textures, making the glass sheet polychromatic and no longer monochromatic, realizing glass sheets of thickness never reached before, making surfaces that are less attackable by fingerprints and dust. So, today, our plates are made of precious glass stones, realized individually by our glass masters, making every manufactured plate unique.

We are sure we can give to glass a prestige which will make it one of the most important materials for the future human life on Earth››

In these words we can find not only the company history, but also a look to the future, a look that has always characterized FIAM activity for all these years.

The challenge of the material is still ongoing and the “lateral thought of glass” keeps on generating positive outcomes.