FIAM Italia and Cascia’s children: dreams of landscapes and future

On September 26th, Fiam Italia has once again attested its commitment to the tutelage and development of the territory and its history with an event that saw among the protagonists the company itself, a couple of artists with whom it has been working for years and the 60 students of Cascia’s middle school, collapsed due to the earthquakes of 2016 and rebuilt by Fondazione Francesca Rava – NPH Onlus also thanks to the fundraising created by Fiam Italia, Biesse Group and Fondazione Mediolanum Onlus.

A day during which the students have experienced the extraordinary reality of glass processing thanks to the workshop “I dreamed a landscape” by artists Silvio Cattani and Anna Lorenzetti, who helped them to create unique glass works that will be preserved and displayed by the school. Objective: to celebrate the new school year and the rebirth of Cascia’s Educational Center, playing and working together on a theme – creating an ideal landscape – that allowed the children to express themselves and renew their optimism towards the future.

An initiative dedicated to the new generations of the area, part of a larger project that Fiam launched at the 2017 Furniture Fair in Milan for the thirtieth anniversary of the iconic Ghost armchair.
A project that saw in the Charity Dinner in June and in the charity auction of the Mini Ghosts two important milestones that allowed the fundraising and the subsequent reconstruction of the Beato Simone Fidati school in Cascia, a symbol of the volition to not stop in the face of adversity but rather to start again and grow in spite of it.
An invitation to act underlined during Daniele Livi’s speech, who urged the young students to never cease to fight for their dreams.

The day ended with Cooperativa Agricola di Cascia’s local products and the sport activities in the multi-purpose playing field located in front of the school building. Among the celebration’s participants were Daniele Livi, AD of Fiam Italia, Alessandra Parpajola Selci, Board Member of Biesse Group, Mariavittoria Rava, President of the Fondazione Francesca Rava, Sara Doris, President of Fondazione Mediolanum Onlus, the Mayor of the city Mario De Carolis, the Councilor for School Education of the Umbria Region Antonio Bartolini and Norcia and Cascia’s School Manager Rosella Tonti.

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