FIAM Italia and Green Pea: toward a sustainable future

Fiam Italia is proud to be official partner of Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park dedicated to environmental sustainability. “From duty to beauty” is the philosophy behind the concept that inspired this place of beauty and Respect meant to change our relationship with energy, movement, home, clothing and leisure forever.

Changing the way we consume, focusing on the search for Harmony with our planet, because Respect is the core value the future of humanity is at stake: this is the main challange our company and Green Pea are willing to take up together.

Green Pea opens on December 9th, and Fiam Italia is honored to exhibit some of its Made in Italy icons in the Home Living & Design section of Green Pea’s futuristic building in Turin, making it possible to appreciate the Green policies its internal production processes are based on by virtue of the absolute protagonism of glass in them: the eco-sustainable material par excellence because of its potentially infinite recyclability that does not generate any kind of waste, as well as non-toxic and aseptic nature.

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