Incisive Sophisticated: the new Mood by FIAM

In this Mood the surfaces and the fusions of glass look soft and tend to infuse smoothness, a sense of protection to a space characterized by bold colors, although never ostentatious.

Our new mission is played out in the harmony of contrasts, in the implicit relationships between colors and surfaces, sight and touch, linearity and softness: we no longer design single products, but to create living and dining spaces with elements that interact with each other, thus furnishing all sorts of homes. And yet that the new Incisive Sophisticated Mood marks one step further toward the path traced by the Soft Sophisticated, Soft Modern, Incisive Modern and Incisive Pure Moods already appreciated by the public. In the Incisive Sophisticated Mood as well the protagonist is glass, which is no longer conceived in its uniqueness, but reinterpreted in its ability to dialogue with different, new materials instead. In this way spaces come to life as interior landscapes and differ from each other for the atmospheres and suggestions they are able to recreate.

In this Mood the space is furnished in a way that enhances the expressive power of fused glass and its contribution to the decoration of the surrounding environment, always in a soberly manner, characterizing the ambience without any excess – as our Art Director, Adele Martelli says. Compared to the Soft Sophisticated Mood, the new Incisive Sophisticated one differs in the chromatic choice, leveraging in more incisive and cold shades and colors.

By plunging in an ambience furnished according to the Incisive Sophisticated Mood criteria you can feel, even at first glance, both the detachment generated by the colors and the overall softness of the ambience. Fused glass made it possible to transfer this feeling of comfort by giving the surrounding space welcoming and reassuring features, through its fluid and harmonious textures.

In this Mood, glass loses its traditional hard and cold character, appearing optically soft, welcoming and pleasant. Coffee tables are a clear example of how the materiality of our fusion gives softness to the glass. En and Coral Beach coffee tables tops give back a great pleasantness to the touch, helping to make the Incisive Sophisticated Mood suitable for those who feel the need to live in a refined, elegant and never excessive space. These objects, in which the brilliant black finish is predominant, amaze pleasantly and impress for the way they look inclusive and warm.

If on one hand the shades of Incisive Sophisticated Mood color the view of the observer, the fused glass patterns evoke strong tactile sensations, mitigating the clarity of the colors and conveying a sense of inclusion and warmth to the Mood itself.

Hence glass assumes a new sensorial interpretation through the possibilities offered by the fusions, that create a tangible comfort in other Moods as well. Fusions themselves become enveloping and engaging, supported by other materials whose shapes perfectly balance the spaces.

The new Carrara sofa is a clear example of how welcoming this new Mood is expected to be, thanks to its glass inserts that harmoniously intersperse the seats, impressing for their revolutionary nature.

Among the surfaces that offer softness and warmth is undoubtedly the latest collection designed by Marcel Wanders studio: the brand new Cristaline dining table, whose decorative relevant top better than anything else synthesizes all the tension of our Incisive Sophisticated Mood. A refined texture that forges the extralight glass harmonizing geometries and floral motifs, nature and culture, incisiveness and softness: a real proof of how fused glass can coexist with other materials not as exercise in style, but as a valid as a vehicle for a message – Welcome Home – instead.