FIAM Italia: a MOOD constantly growing

MOOD: a home concept

The path taken with the MOOD project continues to expand, adding new creations to our collection. Items are considered entities in the MOOD home concept, they live in harmony with each other, sharing the same space. FIAM introduced new actors in this background, including them purposefully in the product range already existing, in order to complete both the living and the dining areas.

great capacity for research and innovation

Therefore, two new ideas of tables are introduced for the dining area: Cristaline by Marcel Wanders studio and Agos by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.

The Cristaline table is considered the emblem of FIAM craftsmanship, as regards glass melting. This is a pattern that represents the perfect combination of geometry and nature. Cristaline is like an eternal bouquet bringing home the beauty of nature, thank to floral engravings, which are etheric and material at the same time.

On the other hand, through the introduction of Agos, FIAM aims to create a set of tables with a refined and comfortable design. The distinguishing feature of this product is its base, which connects the structure’s feet with each other, creating a system of intersecting lines, which gives rise to an attractive prospective effect. The structure is made of painted steel and supports a top that can be made in various shapes, then choosing between smooth or melted glass, transparent or back-painted, thus giving life to a product with unexpected elegance.

Among the novelties for 2022, the Pearl lamp stands out, designed by Adele Martelli, it’s the first lamp by FIAM Italia. Pearl is a soft and comfortable source of light, a luminous pearl that is guarded by a limpid and crystalline sphere. The lamp is designed to be used in single elements, or in composite configurations, with a full and empty spaces effect and spheres that hover in space and furnish it with sobriety.

Newton, designed by Studio Klass, is a welcoming, light and elegant dining chair, perfect for ensuring daily comfort. The characterizing element of this product are the junction points between the soft curves of the backrest and the seat, which represent an innovative variation of the category and give lightness to the entire structure. The chair is designed with elegant solid wood legs available in two finishes, which blend well with the 6 finishes of the upholstery, in leather or nubuck.

The Oscar armchair, designed by Patrick Norguet, with its generous shapes gives personality to every environment in which it is used, whether it is the home, a restaurant or a hotel. Easily recognizable by its shape and its refined aesthetics, it has a rubber backrest covered in leather that rests on a solid wood base, thus creating a harmonious contrast between taut lines and sinuous curves.

The MOOD philosophy expands its proposals also with regard to the Living area, where the master is a new protagonist: we are talking about Carrara, the first sofa designed by FIAM Italia, together with Matteo Nunziati, who found his inspiration during a visit to the famous quarries of Carrara. The large marble walls create splendid three-dimensional geometric interlocking designs and these suggestions have guided the formal study of the sofa, with its rigorous structure but rich in precious details, such as the joint between seat, armrest and backrest. The Carrara sofa is available in both fixed and modular versions with leather or fabric upholstery, and it represents for FIAM the fulcrum of the living area, around which to organize and design the entire furnishing proposal.

The Living area can also host the new low display case, which is part of the Echo family by Marcel Wanders studio, a collection already presented among the main products of MOOD, which is now expanding with new sizes available. The innovative production processes of FIAM perfectly combine with the careful aesthetic research of Marcel Wanders studio, with repeated patterns of glass shapes that give an extreme sense of depth to the product. An aluminum structure with a glass surface composed of three-dimensional elements, which physically extends towards the observer, involving and surprising him, for an appreciable beauty from every point of view.

The Hype console project, designed by Studio Klass, is also expanding, whit the introduction of marble as a material for the table top, an alternative to the characteristic fused glass. The top thus becomes a living and material surface, almost deliberately imperfect, which conversely rests on a rigorous geometric steel structure, inspired by the graphic lines of equilateral hyperbola. The Hype collection therefore takes on an even more graphic and distinctive character, in order to satisfy every need, with marble and glass as materials capable of creating a link between different products within the same environment.

New dimensions have been also introduced for Venus, a mirror designed by Vittorio Livi, it’s one of the centerpieces of the company for years, which embodies two ancestral elements such as fire and glass. The frame is in fact made of high-heat melted glass and back-silvered, with a technique capable of creating a very particular material texture, capable of multiplying the light.

Among the mirrors, Pasha is the latest to join the FIAM range, a product designed by Dainelli Studio, characterized by a frame that evokes the precious details of haute horlogerie, it’s designed to be inserted in the most sophisticated contexts and which can be made of smoked glass, silver glass or bronze.

The 2022 edition of the Salone del Mobile will be an opportunity to see these products live, inserted in the atmospheres of the MOOD project, declined in its three styles Pure, Modern and Sophisticated, with an offer that tells of FIAM Italia’s great research and innovation capacity.