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The novelties presented


The Cristaline collection designed by Marcel Wanders studio, expands with a group of coffee tables and a console. 

This collection expresses subtle beauty and grace creating an intricate superficial texture that exemplifies geometry and nature through a decorative floral pattern; a tangible output of the constant experimentation in the field of glass fusing and manufacturing conducted by the Brand FIAM with its unique technologies. 

Drawing inspiration from the traditional center table bouquet, this pattern substitutes natural flowers with eternal engravings of transparent, crystalized flowers on every table welcoming organic beauty and nature.


Flaminio arose from the desire to enhance the lightness and harmony of an object which is a protagonist of multiple moments of our everyday life. 

Inspired to the homonymous stadium in Rome designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, this table plays with contrasts between full and empty spaces, highlighting the glass manufacturing in relation to its relevant real wooden structure. 

The table top is supported and surrounded by a frame that divides it from the relevant base through an unusual section, rediscovering the same lightness that distinguishes Nervi’s works. This interruption is highlighted by the choice of two pure materials: glass and its fluidity combined to the robustness of wood. 

Thanks to its small expedients, that become evident to an attentive eye, Flaminio is able to adapt to any ambience while embellishing it.

marry me

In his new Marry Me collection Davide Oppizzi wanted to express the close intimacy between glass and light, exploiting Fiam’s DNA in all its precision, elegance, and depth.

To create this delicate encounter Davide Oppizzi primarily focused on the idea that light should distance itself from the circular glass in order to transfer all its volume and structure. Hence the seam point becomes a key element, being located in the center of the glass disc. Like a ring with its diamond, the metal clamp inherits its elegance from the world of jewelry, with its precious and elaborated finish.

Easy to compose, suitable for horizontal or vertical spaces, the volume of Marry Me adapts to all contemporary ambiences to create a single or multiple composition, becoming the “masterpiece” of your interior landscape.


The structure has vertical uprights where the shelves and containers are fixed by pressure.

The fused glass shelves have 45 dregrees bent and give movement to the composition, graphically lightening the supporting structure. The structure, in turn, organizes their rhythm and arrangement in the space.

The flap doors of the containers, made of curved glass, have the same profile of the horizontal shelves with the bent edge that becomes the handle. The vertical uprights have external applications made in of selected woods, already part of Fiam catalogue. This makes it possible to ennoble the aluminum structure and give it a new materiality, recalibrating the appearance of the product according to the needs of the surrounding environment it will be placed.


From the encounter between orthogonal lines and beveled surfaces comes the new Shift collection of mirrors designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia for Fiam; a set of plastic and monomaterial complements arising the glass viscous paste.

The research conducted by the designer and the company thus celebrates Fiam’s expertise in the glass fusing technique, giving life to new expressions of glass with unique three-dimensional decorative patterns as a result of industrial precision combined with craftsmanship. 

The elastic dynamism between the classic mirrored surface and the firmness of the colored glass part gives rhythm to the composition that almost tries to free itself in the surrounding space, as if it is attracted by a centripetal force, balanced by an oppositional tension that anchors it firmly to the relevant frame, dramatized by vertical grooves. 

Wall-mounted or smaller-sized formats adapt to different home spaces, where they refract images by returning segments of a reality that is much more than the simple sum of its parts.


Arik Levy

The Silica mirrors collection comes to redraw our interiors and its reflections in a new way. By acting as a visual rebel, it interacts with the space creating endless and unexpected reflections.

Emotions and feelings are fostered by the contrast between the clear facet and its surroundings, where the crisscrossed lines and the amorphic texture fragment the light and make the image stand out.

Silica mirror come in different formats, all working together in osmosis through the embossed lines, allowing infinite compositions.

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