Matteo Nunziati

Coffee table/storage unit composed of 4 elements in 10 mm curved glass mounted between two 10 mm glass racks. Top and partitions in extralight glass, bases available in extralight glass, back-painted extralight glass, extralight mirrored glass, back-silvered bronze glass.

Matteo Nunziati

Matteo Nunziati
It is a low container table consisting of four elements of curved glass that oppose each other, at the same time repelling yet balancing. A form reduced to the essence and yet characteristic that from every perspective always appears different, a play of solids and voids, where the light reflected in the flat and curved glass creates magical details.

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Technical info

Curved glass structure
  • Extralight
Glass top
  • Extralight
Glass base
  • Extralight
  • Back silvered bronze glass
  • Extralight backlit glass
  • extralight back lacquered white
  • Extralight glass back-painted black
non-standard finishes on request:
  • Grigio Olivo
  • Marrone-Grey
  • Grigio Tempesta
  • RAL on request
Coffee table dimensions

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