Marzia e Leo Dainelli

Marzia and Leo Dainelli are the architects and the designers of the FIAM Reverso mirror in glass.

In 2007 they started the Dainelli Studio. They have chosen as their headquarter a seventeenth century rustic house in the heart of Tuscany, that has been restored with a modern twist. This location is well suited for their project methodology: to translate the past into the grace of forms, into the simplicity of sign, into the honesty of project.
A route, marked by the expression of innovative ideas, has allowed them to start collaborations as art directors and planners with leading companies in the furniture sector.
Their strength resides in following the whole project: from the initial idea to the model developed with craftsmen, from the production to the communication of the product. Thanks to a wide range of skills they are active in various areas of design including product, interior, exhibition and graphic design.