Gupica is the studio founded by independent artist and designer Gunilla Zamboni.

After earning a degree in foreign literature, Gunilla trained in wall painting in Florence and decorative arts in Versailles, France, where she earned a diploma in Peintre en Décor. She then specialised in Interior Design at the IED in Milan.

Her creative studio, founded in Bologna in 2015, carries out interior design, product design and set design projects, using a multidisciplinary method that involves decorative arts, interior and product design, contemporary experimentation and artisanal work.

The experimental approach that characterises the studio’s philosophy and work springs from cultural references, drawing on history, art, architecture and design, striving to reach an emotional dimension through unexpected, visionary scenarios while also exploring the anthropological aspects of design projects.

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Giacomo Mornico
Irene Sartor
Marco Tonet
Nicola Carpene
Simone De Gasperin