Cini Boeri

Cini Boeri is the designer of FIAM Ghost chair in curved glass, an icon of design worldwide and on display at Moma in New York.

Cini Boeri was born in Milan and earned her degree at the Politecnico University in Milan in 1951. After 11-years at the Zanuso studio, she decided to start an independent architectural practice and started the Cini Boeri Studio, which focuses on architecture and industrial design.

Over the years she held many lectures in prestigious Universities all over the world; from 1981 till 1983 she worked as adjunct professor at the architecture faculty of the Politecnico University in Milan. Moreover she was a member of the Board of Director of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

In the course of her career, she was a jury member in many international contests, she wrote for many journals and newspapers and published the book “le dimensioni umane dell’abitazione” (Milano, Franco Angeli 1980) and the paper “la dimensione del domestico” (Milano, Franco Angeli 1983).

Awards won by Cini Boeri, designer of the Ghost Chair

Over the years, Cini Boeri has won many awards. In particular:

  • 1 Compasso d’oro in 1979
  • 2 Roscoe Awards in 1978 and 1984
  • 1 Saiedue Award in 1984
  • 1 Bio Gold Medal Ljubljana in 1984
  • 1 Design Award in Stuttgart in 1985
  • 1 Design-Auswahl in Stuttgart in 1990

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