Angelo Cortesi

The partnership between FIAM and the designer Angelo Cortesi, who has been working in the architecture and industrial design field since 1996, has lead to the creation of the Ponte coffee table in curved glass.

He was born at Asola (Mantua) in April 1938.

Today he is not only the chairman of the Cortesi Design s.r.l., which focuses mainly on product design and architecture, but also the Chairman and C.E.O. of Compagnia Italiana Progetto s.a.s. and Deputy Chairman of RED (Consortium Company with 11 member companies in the engineering, architecture and environment sectors).

He has given lectures in Italy and in various countries in the world and he also teaches industrial design of public premises and facility at the Politecnico University in Milan.

He has been chairman of the A.D.I. and member of the Management Committee of the ICSID. He is a permanent member of the jury of the Koizumi Prize in Tokyo; he is consultant of the Japan Design Foundation, Osaka; he is Chairman of the Jury of the SMAU Prize.

He is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Architecture and Design Journals: ARCA – PROFESSIONE PROGETTO.

The awards won for the design of his products

In the course of his career, his projects have allowed him to win important awards such as:

  • Compasso d’Oro,
  • Bio Gold Medal Ljubljana,
  • Gold Medal at Buenos Aires,
  • The Neocom Award in Chicago,
  • Gran Prix d’Architecture.

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