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MOOD: the new project aimed to immerse into the atmosphere and the ambiences by Fiam Italia

Imagine the glass of the future. Ancient, ancestral material, made of silicon and carbonates, generated by the earth, which has taken the appearance of the sky over centuries of transformation. Fiam decided not to stop, we explored the material, we realized that transparency is only a condition, bearer of many other traits. They did not abandon it; they understood its depth. The material becomes matter again, to be reconsidered in all its expressive potential. It is no longer just glass, but a vitreous substance that calls upon the beyond to appear: with the Firm’s fusion techniques diversities are emphasized and become distinguishing marks, which can free themselves from labels and even join other essences in harmony. Just like depth is made up of connections, the echo of things gets amplified and creates situations. The Brand based in the Marches no longer manufacture just objects, but subjects that inhabit an internal landscape, because their products no longer want to live alone, and invite those they are in love with. Today the Company designs spaces, a new idea of home, with elements that use language to communicate with our bodies. Pieces come together, and furniture reveals our attention to the surrounding space. The new atmospheres condense and can communicate to everyone, either with a strong and firm tone or a soft and whispering one, resulting into three styles: Pure, Modern, Sophisticated. These are the three atmospheres proposed by the MOOD project by Fiam Italia in collaboration with Adele Martelli, the Brand’s new artistic coordinator from November 2019.


The Pure style has a minimalist spirit. It represents the substance of glass as everyone knows it. Transparent and crystalline, it shows reflections that rationalise the geometric shapes. The space becomes open, with neat lines and minimal language. The light is bright and the profiles are clear. In an environment characterised by an ethereal atmosphere, each object has clean depths and shadows do not know where to 


The Modern style has a bourgeois and contemporary character. Glass loses its traditional transparency and becomes a solid matte material through new techniques applied to the fusion processes. Lights and shadows merge with the surfaces reverberating textural and organic reflections that offer aesthetic moments by creating an atmosphere of depth and suspension. The space is resolved in a set of new textures that highlight and communicate with each other, evoking warm sensory sensations.


The Sophisticated style has a decorative soul interpreted with simplicity. Its ornamental and textured lines create an elegant and engaging yet never excessive environment. The atmosphere is delicately dense and each angle is touched by soft tones that chromatically warm up the surfaces and attract the tactile senses while stimulating the visual ones. The light is bright and casts soft shades that blend the elements in a perfect balance.


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