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Dining Moderno Morbido 2023
The idea behind our Mood project goes precisely in the direction of designing living spaces, where objects become subjects and help create stories and bonds both between them and with those who immerse themselves in the atmospheres of those spaces, whether permanently or for a limited period of time. In our new Soft Modern Mood this is presented in warm, delicate tones, soft colours where light and shadows blend in and the environment becomes naturally cosy.
When it comes to furniture, the term “living”in Italian is often translated as “soggiorno”, which recalls to the English term “sitting room”, but welike using itwith a more literal sense: we talk about living room, the room where you live, the place in the house where you stay, meet guests, and connect with your family.
The lamps created by FIAM Italia are the representation of this magic: light sources with the power of giving character and personality to the environment they occupy, filling every setting with light and bringing them to life.
If the invention of glass dates back to antiquity and its history is lost in time, the invention of curved glass has a specific date. It was in 1973, when Vittorio Livi designed Onda Pouf.
A further step by FIAM in its mission to design locations that evoke emotions by bringing together multi-material furniture elements capable of activating heterogeneous tactile and visual sensations.
The starred restaurant Lo Scudiero is located In the heart of Pesaro, in the former stables of Palazzo Baldassini, a prestigious ancient residence in the historic center of Pesaro recognized for its Italian gardendating back to the 1500s.
According to the famous French architect Le Corbusier, “Any home should be the treasure chest of our lives.” By definition, a treasure chest is a valuable container, intended to hold precious objects, hence the sideboard becomes the chest within the chest of the domestic space.
The showcase highlights and emphasizes identity traits. The showcase catches our attention, canalizes our sights, and tells a story. It tells the story of the objects contained, placed inside to recall a memory, as a chance to begin a conversation, and as a note to embellish our everyday life as well.
The turning point always leads to reflection and assessments. About what it is, what it has been, and what it may be. The traces of the future are anchored in history. What year was 2022 for FIAM, then? Some milestones, some stages of the path we passed through, tell us about it.
Astonishment is the beginning. It is the signal of an operation that is unseen, that was not planned, or imagined, and yet has been there. It is magic that catches us off guard and takes the imagination of those who arrive and enter by surprise.
Indeed, among the 248 design products selected stands out the Echo Showcase by FIAM Italia, designed by Marcel Wanders & Gabriele Chiave. A clear example of high quality design and innovative style.
Due to their recognized and appreciated stage presence, some iconic FIAM products are often used as settings by prestigious brands and well-known celebrities for shoots, social directs, advertising or filming.
An opportunity to reflect on new ways of communicating design, between social media and product culture.
When it comes to design a living room, surfaces are an important element that involves deep aspects of the dynamics created within the ambience.
Light that furnishes, surprises, illuminates voids and solids while ultimately creating and shaping the identity of an ambience.
Among the novelties presented during the 60th Salone del Mobile in Milan, two pairs stand out: Cristaline and Agos, and Oscar and Newton.
Officially presented during the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Incisive Sophisticated Mood has gathered a universal consensus, thanks to the amazement and the contrast it is able to generate by matching incisive colors with a sophisticated, thus welcoming ambience.
The curves of the Compasso d’Oro award by ADI, the most prestigious award as regards Design, this year are those of the curved glass of the Ghost Armachair.
The path taken with the MOOD project continues to expand, adding new creations to our collection, which will be presented at the Salone del Mobile.
With the new low showcase the ECHO collection becomes wider and strengthens the collaboration of FIAM Italia with Marcel Wanders Studio.