New Moodbook23

Ways of being,

ways of feeling objects and feeling the space around oneself, Moods. Objects and subjects blend within the environment, like a choir that simoultaneously follows the same melody, though with different voices.

Pure traits, soft profiles, modern languages, sharp shapes or sophisticated surfaces: living became home in each of the news Moods 2023.

The Moodbook23 presents the new atmospheres by FIAM Italia, that the company has imaginated and realized: the combiantion between the glass transparency, the magic of the light that passed throught it, and the reflections produced when this ancestral material  meets others. Wonders for the eyes and for the spirit, condensed in four new Moods.

soft pure

Pure is a Mood where glass is expressed in its incorporeal essence, with is primordial status. A heaveling state, wich is emphasized and downplayed by metals and marble, which exalt the glass transparency and receive light from it. The spirit of this Mood is refined, sober, but at the same time comfortable and fascinating. Especially in its declination of Soft Pure, where colourless glass geometries are softened by warm end embracing touches produced by the objects.

In this Mood, for example, is Cristaline dining table, in its flat extralight glass version, drawn near to the Pearl chandelier, designed by Adele Martinelli and characterized by his blown glass sphere. Soft Pure is also marked by the presence of the Inori library and the Echo showcase, with their metals elements that support the transparency of the shelves and uprights. The Caadre and Silica mirrors then make the glass protagnist not only in the reflective surface, but also in the beautiful frames.

soft modern

Always enveloping and comfortable, but with a different tase is the Soft Modern Mood with its bourgois style, whish is refined and reassuring at the same time. Balanced environments, never above the schemes, and warmly colored glass look soft to the sight and touch. Elements with delicate patterns caresed by the light. A sober but astonishing beauty.

Fusions and textures can be found in the new Shift mirror frame, realised through fused glass in high temperatures,  with a pattern characterized by vertical grooves that confered dinamicity and personality, as well as in the decorative diffuser Marry Me, the sospended lamp designed by Davide Oppizzi, available in two different textures : “organic” and ”geometric”.

Soft Modern also welcomes the warm tones and tobacco wooden finishes of the Flaminio dining table, as well as the Coral Beach and Lakes coffee tables patterned surfaces, wich represent a clear sign of reception and hospitality. The same goes for the new Remind bookcase, whose astonishing beauty becomes an object that “brings back to heart”,  hence becoming a “showcase of passions and happy memories”, as expressed by the designer Simone Bonanni himself. 

incisive modern

In the Moodboo23 there is also a new Incisive Modern Mood, wich offers a feeling of modern comfort, in a clean and rational way, but not extremely rigorous. In this Mood glass, which has abandoned his traditional transparency, is surrounded by marbles, metals and woods that communicate to each other. The smoked finishing coexist with back-painted fusion, that exalt the spaces. Not dramatic but bold colour.

Here the Echo showcase is proposted with a painted aluminium structure in vulcano grey  finish and smoked glass structure, tones that perfectly match those of the Inori system and Agos dining table, as well as with the surfaces of the Lakes and Cannage coffee table models – all proposed in their marble or patterned glass finishes in this Mood.


incisive sophisticated

The Moodbook23 ends with the Soft Sophisticated Mood, a balanced presentation of transparent and covering materials, in wich glass fusions give a great sense of delicacy. In this Mood the style is marked by the pleasant contrasts produced by the encounter between cold colours and the graceful and soft shapes of fusion. An armony in which there are sober textures, where the glass beauty is exalted by marbles and metals. In this Mood the space became a cozy, but also sophisticated retreat, crossed by an intimate and delicate light.

Light passes trought the Aura showcase, whose body is made of transparent curved glass combined to black opaque aluminium profilies. Light can be also reflected by the mirrors that are in this Mood: the iconic Caadre model by Philippe Starck in curved glass, the Christine with its molded frame, the Pasha and its refined and exclusive texture.

A distinguishing texture is undoubtedly that of Cristaline, that in this case is presented in its perhaps most representative version, with a fused glass pattern reproducing a floral bouquet. The Echo showcase geometric decorations are another example of FIAM’s ability in glass processing.

With its four Moods, the Moodbook23 continues the FIAM Italia’s mission: design no longer «only» objects, but strongly characterized environments, styles of atmospheres that can be interpreted through the dialogue between glass and new materials that exalt its presence.

For a new “culture of glass”.