Remind: passions and memories for the new modular bookcase by FIAM

Remind is the literal translation of the Italian word “ricordare”, derived from the Latin phrase re-cor meaning “to bring back to the heart”, which was the seat of memory in the ancient times. Memory and passion merge in this new bookcase by FIAM Italia, launched at the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan and presented by its designer as a “showcase of passions and happy memories”; something that we namely need to recall to the heart.

And this bookcase itself, as a physical object, is something we are pleased to see and remember. Not just a complementary furniture element in the background, the bookcase has become an expression of the inhabitant of the house: and object that tells about our  identity and how we want to be perceived by the others.

An exposition of objects, photographs, books that represent our being, and that we want to display and share with guests.

Dining Moderno Morbido 2023

Remind is a floor-ceiling modular system that captures a new light and shines thanks to unprecedented glass patterns, detaching itself from the background and yet becoming the real protagonist of the environment.

When presenting his new creation at the Salone del Mobile, Simone Bonanni highlighted the technicality and versatility of this modular system. A difficult project to develop, according to the designer, whose output is a bookcase that can be actually placed in every ambience, designed with a different approach if compared to the other products available in the market. The main focus is always glass, which is used for its shelves and doors and demonstrates how the know-how of the company can be declined in various fields and product range.

The structure of Remind, made of solid wood and aluminum, results in fused glass shelves with 45 degree curved edges that confer movement to the bookcase while graphically lightening the entire composition.

The rhythm and disposition in the space of the shelves and container units can be placed at will, fastening each element at the desired height through wall or ceiling connections.

The high-temperature fused glass shelves highlight FIAM’s expertise in the manufacturing of decorative glass patterns, and are available in three different colour variants offered for the doors of the container units as well. These doors are also in glass, but curved according to FIAM’s tradition, and hide the content of the wooden storage elements.

This matching of materials, textures and colours make Remind perfectly suit the new Soft Moderno Mood by FIAM where delicate tones and warm light merge with the shadows and give life to informal, cosy spaces. Here Bonanni’s bookcase meets other new collections such as the Flaminio dining table by Studio Klass and the Shift mirrors collection by Francesca Lanzavecchia.

The introduction of Remind in FIAM’s range is set to offer additional furnishing possibilities through the protagonism of glass, a material that the company has been shaping and revolutionizing since in its 50-year history.