Our proposal for a Soft Modern Mood Dining Area

Just as in the Living area we live and build relationships, with those who live in the house, with those who come to visit, even with those who are just passing through, today the dining area is par excellence the place of the most concrete hospitality.

Hence it is time to forget dining rooms as they were conceived in the homes of yesteryear, when they were only opened on feast days, for anniversaries and important events. Areas of the house that were almost uninhabited.

Today’s Dining area is the heart of the house. It is a domestic space experienced equally by those who live in the house every day and by those who may only be guests for an evening, but still don’t feel like newcomers.

The idea behind our Mood project goes precisely in the direction of designing living spaces, where objects become subjects and help create stories and bonds both between them and with those who immerse themselves in the atmospheres of those spaces, whether permanently or for a limited period of time.

The Dining area of the new Soft Modern Mood is presented in warm, delicate tones, soft colours where light and shadows blend in and the environment becomes naturally cosy. Glass, a material that Fiam has been moulding and shaping for 50 years, reveals all its expressiveness thanks to the materic manufacturing and back-painting techniques, which emphasise its uniqueness, and blends perfectly with the other materials used in the mood (metal, wood, leather, etc.).

Dining Moderno Morbido 2023 - Dett. 1

The centrepiece of the Soft Modern environment and hospitality is the Flaminio table, a new addition to FIAM’s collection.

The creation by Studio Klass is a clear reference to the homonymous Roman stadium, and combines the fluidity of the glass top with the originality of the wooden frame section, which divides the top from the base.

Just like the stadium, Flaminio table is designed to welcome its guests at its best and let them enjoy, in a very literal sense, the show, whether it is lunch, dinner or an informal convivial moment.

Right next to the Flaminio table, but no less important for that, we find two other novelties which were presented at Salone del Mobile in Milan only a few weeks ago: the Remind bookcase by Simone Bonanni and the Cristaline console by Marcel Wanders Studio.

Remind is a floor -ceiling modular system with aluminium uprights and storage elements with a wooden frame and curved glass flap doors. The designer’s idea was to create an object capable of going beyond the purely functional, breaking away from the background of the domestic scene to take on a starring role: a showcase of passions and happy memories, to be shared inevitably with guests. An archive of ideas to draw on for conversations around the table.

In the Soft Modern Dining, there is also room for the new Cristaline console table, which complements the existing collection and also extends it with a group of side tables. The floral motif of the table top, made in high-temperature fused glass, was conceived, in the words of Marcel Wanders, “as a sign of joy, nature and cosiness for the home. We were inspired to create poetry through the fusion of glass to make a beautiful, eternal bouquet”.

When designing spaces and environments meant for hospitality, one cannot forget light. So, the Mood is illuminated with Marry Me, the latest addition to FIAM’s lamps, designed by Davide Oppizzi to celebrate the marriage of glass and light.

A suspension lamp with an aluminium ring structure, which inherits its elegance from the world of jewellery, and a glass diffuser available in two versions, with organic or geometric texture.

The light of Marry Me is then absorbed and reflected by another new entry in FIAM’s catalogue: Shift, a family of mirrors designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia, which in this mood is used in its rectangular version with bronze tones.

Shift is a mirror that can be used either on the wall or on the floor, and its frame is composed of two glass elements, one smooth and one fused, that create unique three-dimensional decorative patterns. The perfect union between FIAM’s expertise in the technique of glass fusion and the creativity of the designer from Pavia.

FIAM products included in the Soft Modern Mood produce, on the whole, a Dining area with a cosy and reassuring atmosphere, an environment with a warm and enveloping light that reveals textures, together with material and organic reflections. An environment that makes hospitality its primary function, as every dining area should.