Von Glas, von Projekten, von Umgebungen und Vorschlägen.
The technique of bending sheet glass sees one of its highest expressions in Ragno. Passion, technical innovation and craftsmanship are the three ingredients that combine to transform a transparent, figure-free element into a functional object imbued with meaning and in continuous dialogue with its surrounding space.
FIAM Italia had the honor of contributing to this project, which represents a true re-birth for Sforzacosta and its entire community. Indeed, thanks to the Charity Dinner organized in June in Villa Miralfiore, FIAM was able to raise more than 80,000 euros in funds that, together with the contributions of other donors, have resulted into new classrooms, laboratory environments, a library and a dining hall for the little guests of the educational center.
Vittorio Livi, founder and president of FIAM Italia, adds another very important prize to the long list of awards and honors received in his career. Already named Commendatore della Repubblica, Livi has been awarded two “Compassi d’oro” for the career, has received the honorary “City of New York” recognition, an honorary degree in Economics from the University of Ancona, and several awards as a designer.
With its four Moods, the Moodbook23 continues the FIAM Italia’s mission: design no longer «only» objects, but strongly characterized environments, styles of atmospheres that can be interpreted through the dialogue between glass and new materials that exalt its presence.
They had been announced in June, during the Charity Dinner in support of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, and all the events planned in different parts of the world started in Septmber to celebrate this important achievement, beginning from the Asian continent.
A year after the launch of the Cristaline dining table, Marcel Wanders’ collection grows with the integration of a set of coffee tables and a consolle.
A functional work of art: that is the way Arik Levy introduced his new Silica mirror, designed and developed with FIAM Italia.
Among the collections presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan could not miss new mirrors, that have always been the most iconic and universally appreciated pieces from the FIAM range.
Remind is the literal translation of the Italian word “ricordare”, derived from the Latin phrase re-cor meaning “to bring back to the heart”, which was the seat of memory in the ancient times. Memory and passion merge in this new bookcase by FIAM Italia, launched at the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan and presented by its designer as a “showcase of passions and happy memories”; something that we namely need to recall to the heart.
The intimacy between glass and light already emerges from the name of the new lamp that FIAM Italia has developed in collaboration with Davide Oppizzi. Its name is Marry Me and tells of the idea of light and glass coming together and standing apart at the same time to give volume to the structure.
The collection of glass dining table by FIAM Italia expands with the presentation of Flaminio, realized in collaboration with Studio Klass. Flaminio was born from the desire to enhance the lightness and harmony of an object, the dining table, which is an absolute protagonist of many situation of our daily life.
It could only take place at Villa Miralfiore, home of the Museum of Glass and Design created by Vittorio Livi, the Charity Dinner organized by FIAM Italia in support of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and its project to rebuild the kindergarten in the Sforzacosta neighborhood of Macerata, damaged by the 2016 earthquake.
Transparency. Formal cleanliness. Soft shades. The sense of rationality and logic is transferred to the dining area of our new Soft Pure Mood through the formal cleanliness of the products that inhabit the space. In this Mood, the geometry of colorless glass is diluted by brushstrokes of soft colors present in the objects.
Fiam Italia presents the new Soft Pure Mood. A style characterized by formal cleanliness, logic, rationality and rigour – features mitigated through warm, soft details of certain glass and metal finishes.
The idea behind our Mood project goes precisely in the direction of designing living spaces, where objects become subjects and help create stories and bonds both between them and with those who immerse themselves in the atmospheres of those spaces, whether permanently or for a limited period of time. In our new Soft Modern Mood this is presented in warm, delicate tones, soft colours where light and shadows blend in and the environment becomes naturally cosy.
When it comes to furniture, the term “living”in Italian is often translated as “soggiorno”, which recalls to the English term “sitting room”, but welike using itwith a more literal sense: we talk about living room, the room where you live, the place in the house where you stay, meet guests, and connect with your family.
The lamps created by FIAM Italia are the representation of this magic: light sources with the power of giving character and personality to the environment they occupy, filling every setting with light and bringing them to life.
If the invention of glass dates back to antiquity and its history is lost in time, the invention of curved glass has a specific date. It was in 1973, when Vittorio Livi designed Onda Pouf.
A further step by FIAM in its mission to design locations that evoke emotions by bringing together multi-material furniture elements capable of activating heterogeneous tactile and visual sensations.
The starred restaurant Lo Scudiero is located In the heart of Pesaro, in the former stables of Palazzo Baldassini, a prestigious ancient residence in the historic center of Pesaro recognized for its Italian gardendating back to the 1500s.

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