Shift: new expressions of glass fusing techniques

Among the collections presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan could not miss new mirrors, that have always been the most iconic and universally appreciated pieces from the FIAM range.

The first new entry for the year 2023 is Shift, a collection of mirrors designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia characterized by a series of textured mono-material elements deriving from a viscous paste of glass.

As the same designer says, the frame of the Shift mirror seems to escape from the mirror itself, made of a three-dimensional decorative pattern that reflects light as if it was a kaleidoscope, fragmenting and changing the reality at the same time. With this mirror Francesca Lanzavecchia confirms her style and approach to design: daring, eclectic and unconventional.

The frame element takes full advantage of FIAM’s expertise in glass fusing techniques, mixing industrial precision and the artisan care that distinguishes the entire firm processes.

Shift is an unprecedented mirror with a strong personality, which is still elegant and refined.

The dynamic elasticity between the classic mirroring surface and the firmness of the colored glass portion gives rhythm to the composition, with the external frame that seems to be escaping, aiming to free itself into the surrounding space, while balanced by an opposite tension that anchors it to the rest of the frame, whose vertical grooves recreate a three-dimensional, mesmerizing effect.

The Pavian designer, who also defines herself as a storyteller because her products are never an end in themselves, but always tell stories and emotions, has designed Shift in three versions, rectangular, square and round, each available in two different sizes.

The relevant frame is composed of two glass elements: a part in high-temperature fused glass with the characteristic pattern of the collection designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia, available in neutral or bronze glass version, and a second part in smooth glass, either smoked or bronze. The reflecting central part is a standard mirror, 5 mm. thick. 

Hence Shift is a mirror that offers many furniture solutions; as many as the reflections offered by its decorative textures to the observer.

The multiple formats available adapt to any room, making it possible to decorate entire walls or more intimate and cosy spaces.

Shift can easily suit any of  the above situations fully preserving its mission: reflecting images and restoring segments of a reality that – as we suddenly realize – is much more than a mere sum of the parts.

Marry Me_Shift_Dining_Moderno Morbido 23