Vittorio Livi awarded with the University Seal by Uniurb

“A modern artifex of Renaissance ancestry, in his works he admirably combined the concept of beauty with the demands of everyday life”

This is, in brief, the motivation stated on the University Seal that the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” released to Mr. Vittorio Livi on October 18th, during a ceremony held in the throne room of the Ducal Palace in Urbino on the occasion of the public assembly of Confindustria Pesaro Urbino,

Vittorio Livi, founder and president of FIAM Italia, can thus add another very important prize to the long list of awards and honors received in his career. Already named Commendatore della Repubblica, Livi has been awarded two “Compassi d’oro” for the career, has received the honorary “City of New York” recognition, an honorary degree in Economics from the University of Ancona, and several awards as a designer.

The Urbino University, in the communiqué accompanying the above recognition, describes Vittorio Livi as a person who was able to infuse glass with a value that it had lost over the years, celebrating the perseverance and tenacity that distinguished him in his “struggle” to impose this vision of glass to a business world that was stucked in the choice of furnishing components. And in doing this Livi succeeded in combining art with the practical needs of daily living.

Vittorio Livi himself, in his acceptance speech, recounts how he never managed to deal with glass in the traditional way, but was always transported by emotion, his sensitivity and willingness to experiment and research, aiming to change the paradigm of this material and the culture of glass.

Experimentation and research that would not have been possible without the contribution of all the figures who over the years have enabled a small company to become a point of reference on the international design scenario: from the great master glassmakers to the company’s workers, from the family (with the sons now continuing the work begun by their father) to the artists and designers who in various capacities have collaborated with FIAM over these 50 years of activity.

Among the many awards he received, the University Seal was particularly appreciated by FIAM’s founder because it stems from his own territory, from his friends and the people he frequents and from those who have shared life paths with him, from that same University he has been part of as a board member and ambassador.

In the days following the ceremony Vittorio Livi welcomed the University of Urbino to his home-museum, the historic Villa Miralfiore, recounting the milestones of a dream that he managed to turn into a successful business reality.

And in his interview Vittorio Livi refers to himself as “a witness to a dream”, in which he believed since his childhood and which he managed to realize even in adversity. An atypical entrepreneur whose creation of the business was functional to the realization of a life goal and whose success was based on three ingredients: craft, creativity and madness.

Three characteristics that have helped make Vittorio Livi and his FIAM the excellence that everyone recognizes.