Milestones 2022

The Milan Furniture Fair and what's new in 2022

The return of the Salone del Mobile Milan gave imprinting and a new impetus to this 2022, and it was a return in great style.

After a 2 years suspension, the renowned international design and furniture event has returned to bring together all the major players in the sector. FIAM participated as a protagonist by presenting numerous novelties of the highest level, testifying the continuity that has been aspired to preserve in a complex phase, especially on the research and innovation front.

And yet at the Salone 2022 the new Incisive Modern Mood and Incisive Sophisticated, where we discover some absolute innovations such as Pearl, FIAM’s first hanging lamp, designed by Art Director Adele Martelli, and Carrara, the first sofa designed by Matteo Nunziati, were introduced.

The brand-new items did not end there of course. Indeed, within the renewed environments and atmospheres, many collections, resulting of historical and successful synergies between FIAM and some prestigious designers, were exhibited. From the genius of Marcel Wanders studio came Cristaline, the dining table with high-temperature fused geometric-floral pattern that reinterprets the bourgeois tradition; the Agos table, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, another clear example of casting and masterful painting technique. And then the expansions of the range, with new formats and versions of the great classics: the square version of the Venus mirror (designed by Vittorio Livi), the Pasha mirror (Dainelli Studio), the Echo low-showcase (Marcel Wanders studio) and the marble version of the Hype console (Studio Klass).

Last but not least are the two original armchairs Newton (Studio Klass) and Oscar (Patrick Norguet), arose from the need to provide matching seats to complement our tables for complete an immersive living room.

The New Mood Sofisticato Deciso

The presence of FIAM at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2022 was also memorable because of the presentation of the new Incisive Sophisticated Mood: the aesthetic, environmental, and philosophical framework in which the new products and classic icons dialogue with each other. The Incisive Sophisticated Mood gained appreciation, thanks to the astonishment and contrast that it can generate: while the incisive colors give great clarity, lucidity, and rationality to the environment, on the other hand a sophisticated style necessarily recreates a welcoming atmosphere.

Softness is conveyed by the fused glass patterns, which make the glass optically sinuous and warm. This optical softness allows a dialogue, a continuous interaction between the surfaces, including multi-material ones: here marbles, leathers, and upholstery relate to the heterogeneous forms of glass, receiving light and offering optical and tactile sensations together.

Compasso d'Oro Career Award goes to the Ghost Armchair.

A great emotion: in 2022 the curves of the Compasso d’Oro ADI, the most prestigious award in the Design world, were those of the curved glass of the Ghost Armchair. A stylish, elegant, and innovative icon that still astonishes after 35 years. An incredible “ghost” armchair made of glass that subverts the common attitude toward the material softness and irony.

A timeless classic of the Made in Italy design which has become part of the collective imagination and whose excellent career demonstrates how only a clear, strong, and consistent identity can revolutionize schemas and innovate traditions without betraying them.

Ghost compasso d'oro
The FIAM Influencer Academy

The experience of the FIAM Influencer Academy constituted an additional asset of this year that is close to its end. As well as in the Moods of FIAM glass interacts with heterogeneous materials and different surfaces to generate new emotions and stories, we aimed to connect in a single event different paths and experiences that revolve around the world of design and made in Italy.

Hence we explored the digital infosphere to understand how the design narrative lives between social media, influencers, brands, and users, involving young students from the IED Milan in the prestigious showroom of Salvioni Milano Durini. The experiences of influencers, producers, art directors, and digital managers were intertwined to respond to the stimulating curiosity of the students, ever more interested in playing a leading role in this scenario.

Thus what can we imagine for the immediate future, in the light of these present and recent past times? We imagine a thrilling future, full of captivating novelties and challenging stories, with a thread of excitement and gratitude for a history that is crossing the threshold of its first 50 years of course.

Stay tuned, stay creative!