Molto Bello Furniture Mall


Molto Bello Furniture Mall is an exclusive collection of the best European furniture brands spread across nine showrooms. 

Each brand with its unique history, design philosophy and excellent craftsmanship offers an unparalleled opportunity to designers and clients to experience the very best of European furniture at a single location. 


The Fiam Italia Flagship store, being the largest showroom with a display area of 700 square meters, is the crown jewel of the furniture mall. It offers a unique opportunity to experience more than one hundred Fiam and Veblen products at one place in an extremely elegant setting.

Fiam Italia brings forth a showcase of distinctive designs in glass, epitomizing the fusion of artistry and functionality. Each piece is a testament to precision and craftsmanship, setting a new standard in contemporary furniture design.

This occasion is extremely special as the launch of the first Fiam Italia Store in India coincides with Fiam’s 50th year in the industry, a milestone that adds a touch of legacy and experience to the impeccable designs on display.

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