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The designers duo Setsu&Shinobu Ito has designed EN, a coffee tables collection with high-temperature fused glass top inspired to the ancient Japanese tradition. The new coffee tables minimal and linear metallic structure combines to the contrasting round shaped glass top according to the suggestive evocative power of the word en. Thanks to its continuity and the absence of oppositions, the circle is a symbol of inclusion, equality and harmony, and becomes the emblem of a meeting where different elements merge becoming a single unit. Suggestive and expressive at the same time, the fused glass top recalls the typical camellia plate used during the Japanese tea ceremony, recreating the iconic atmosphere of spirituality and aesthetic of this ritual and, through its slightly concave shape, embraces and protects the objects stored in it. A real interweaving of symbolisms and memory that underlies a timeless and elegant design characterized by a vitreous surface obtained thorough accurate high-fusion techniques and the use of special metallic paints reminding of the intensity and brightness of the famous Japanese lacquers.

Coffee table with high-temperature fused glass top 10 mm thick, tempered and back-lacquered with metallic paints in Bright Brown, Copper Brown, Bright Black, Champagne finishes. Metallic base in Black Glossy Nickel finish.

Ø45 x H50 cm

Ø75 x H40 cm

Ø105 x H30 cm

Mac Stopa extends his project with Fiam Italia designing the new Coral Beach coffee tables collection thanks to the synergy between avant-garde methods such as the 3D printing and traditional artisanal manufacturing processes like the high-temperature embossing. An innovative technique that allows the glass plate to produce unpredictable lighting effects by virtue of the high-temperature fusion processes and the use of special paints, being able to generate an effect of three-dimensionality and deepness on the glass surface that therefore becomes elegant and sinuous through the creation of a powerful emotional impact. In the new coffee tables, inspired to the organic and perfect geometries of modern architecture, design and passion for graphic merge in an aesthetic discipline able to communicate its fascination for mathematic and geometry, through modular elements, sculpture and digital art.

Coffee tables collection with lacquered metallic base in matte Lava Grey finish. High-temperature fused tempered glass top 12 mm thick, available in transparent or back-lacquered versions with metallic paints in Bright Borwn, Copper Brown, Bright Black, Night Blue finishes.

120 x 111 x H30 cm

90 x 83 x H40 cm

60 x 56 x H50 cm

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