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Alba Dominante – Elevating Belgrade’s Interiors with Italian Excellence

Alba Dominante stands proudly as an Italian Furniture Boutique in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia. Situated in a country experiencing strong expansion and renovation, Serbia has long been captivated by the allure of Italy and the timeless style of Italian furniture.

Alba Dominante has developed its value proposition counting on: profound experience and family legacy, an exquisite selection of Italian furniture producers and a clear vision to guide the company development. This synergy sets the stage for Alba Dominante to play as an example of elegance and refinement in the Balkan’s furniture landscape.

Alba Dominante & FIAM Italia

FIAM Italia is for Alba Dominante more than a choice! It is a destiny and a torch that we are compelled to carry and keep it alive.

50 years of dedication, studies, passions, learning, and the pursuit of excellence and to create something extraordinary!

Fiam for Alba Dominante is more than a wide and rich collection of exceptional products conceived by renowned designers and crafted by Italian “glass artisans”.  It is a testament to the dedication of its people and the Livi family that tirelessly work to improve and grow the company legacy. 


Alba Dominante is very proud  in showcasing FIAM’s products in our showroom, as they allow to convey not only the company’s exceptional craftsmanship but also its core values and vision to our customers. FIAM Italia is a symbol of excellence, innovation, and timeless beauty that we are honored to represent at Alba Dominante.

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Boulevard Milutina Milankovića 1A
Belgrade 11000
Phone: +381 66 88 11 004

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