FIAM Italia takes part to Quirinale’s collections

On the occasion of the Italian Republic Day, celebrated every year on June 2, “Quirinale Contemporaneo” was inaugurated.

“Quirinale Contemporaneo” is a project of acquisition of works of art and design strongly desired by Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic, in order to open his official residence, the Quirinale, to a more contemporary approach and update the artistic heritage of the palace, which thanks to the introduction of 68 works was enriched with precious examples of Italian creativity from the last 70 years of history, from the post-war period to this day.

Among the works of important Italian artists, designers and companies that found a place in the courtyards, halls and gardens of the Palace that houses the Presidency of the Republic, appear also two Ghost armchairs, designed for Fiam Italia by designer Cini Boeri in 1987 and since then an unmistakable iconic product, symbol of the Italian design.

The Ghost armchairs, donated by Fiam Italia to the President of the Italian Republic, will therefore be visible to the public and Palace visitors through an artistic tour that develops through the Quirinale rooms.


Palazzo del Quirinale, Coffee House, Ghost Armchairs by Cini Boeri, photo Massimo Listri, 2019, granted by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic

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