The know-how developed over our almost 50-year experience arises through our ability to implement bespoke design solutions: creativity and artisanal savoir-faire blend together resulting in the maximum flexibility that allow us to suit any space and style need.

Fiam offers designers a wide range of services in order to fulfill their specific requests and provides  tangible solutions to all exigent professionals demanding customizable artifacts  that testify to our company’s expertise in the magical glass world better than anything else.


Fiam puts a wide range of useful materials at professionals’ disposal in order to assist them in the course of designing processes and while presenting specific settings and projects. Specifically, we offer technical and finishing sheets for all our products including their related specific indications for eventual customization as well as still life and set images and also 3D models of our realizations in different formats. All the above materials can be downloaded in each product single page for free in order to guarantee an immediate support without troublesome waste of time. 

In addition to that, thanks to our fusion techniques we have produced a materials sampling that enriches the variety of finishes proposed in our catalogues. Any architect interested in learning more about our glasses aesthetical quality can eventually ask for our samples simply getting in touch with our sales department staff. Moreover, all our materials finishes are available for public download in digital format in our website Reserved Area.


Being one of the few companies in the high-end design sector to have a fully internal production process is a matter of great pride for us. It means that we are able to project and develop innovative and original finishes by virtue of our glass manufacturing  techniques and thanks to our master glassmakers’ know-how, fully embracing a strongly experimental approach as well as fostering a direct contact between our R&D and production departments: a model focused on reaching the results leveraging on our internal resources only. Find out more about our working process.


Our customization offer consists of two basic aspects:

  1. Standard products customization
  2. bespoke realization

A. Standard products customization

The great majority of our standard products can be realized with different types of glass, basically intervening on 3 aspects:  

  1. Glass finishing: referring to the glass paste that can be transparent, extra-light, smoked, bronze, black etc. …;
  2. Product dimensions: eventually possible for our tables and side tables tops, as well as for most of the mirrors;
  3. Back lacquering: giving the possibility to chose among the standard tints we offer or suggesting any other specific color  

In order to fulfill all the various requests presented by our exigent clients, we have gathered all this information in a new sophisticated price list showing, for every single product, how it is possible to customize it, making it possible to calculate the surcharge implied by the eventual operation without consulting the back-office staff.  

B. Bespoke realization

We constantly share views with external partners such as architects or other companies looking for partners with whom to realize novel glass components. It does not matter whether their proposals concern prototypes or new furniture elements, we welcome collaboration with a view to reach the common objectives and to win new technological and productive challenges together.


Our team is at your disposal for any doubt regarding Fiam’s custom world, as well as for proposing professional solutions  that meet specific designing and customizing requests.           


Special projects have to meet precise time needs, for this reasons defining the time needed for the prototyping and/or production  becomes essential so as to help professionals to organize their work without any trouble.


Ever more often we deal with projects and building sites all over the world. For this reason we have developed a world-wide logistics network that allows us to reach any corner of our planet ensuring the products safety and meeting the time needs accordingly.   

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